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  • LIFE: All About You

    Rethink your rezzies: Ditch that to-do list

    Your BFF is giving up bagels. Your sister is swearing off, well, swearing. And your mom is going to the gym every single day at 5:30 a.m. Cue the spinning head... and the quest for how to become the best-ever...

  • Throw a New Year's Eve Sleepover!

    Need some plans to ring in the New Year? We've got a rockin' sleepover that's perf for starting off your best year yet. Gather up your besties and get set to greet the new year in style. Amazing Invites The most...

  • FITNESS: Workouts

    No excuses! 3 goof-proof ways to get fit

    Has that New Year’s rezzie fallen straight off your to-do list? Steve Siebold, former pro athlete and mental-toughness guru, says it’s not too late to shape up fast. Here are his secrets for getting your head in the game and...

  • LIFE: Tough Stuff

    10 ways to be a total rock star this year

    You want it all. Awesome friends, killer grades, a stellar reputation, mega bucks, maybe even a boy to think you’re as amazing as you really are. Well, here’s our cinchy guide on how to get it all (and more) this year. And you...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Ed. Obsession: Deck out your tresses after NYE

    I love how NYE is the one day all year that a girl can get away with a crazy, out-there, totally awesome hair accessory. I’m talking fascinators. And feathers. And glitzy headbands. Whatever you can dream up, anything goes on...

  • STYLE: Fashion

    5 style resolutions to rock in 2014

    It’s that time of year again. Along with the New Year comes a new laundry list of resolutions: swear off sweets, hit the gym more often, talk to the cutie you’ve had your eye on since September—and of course, your...