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    The 20 best teen books of all time

    School is in session, which leaves us daydreaming about the beach in homeroom. Although you may not be able to spend all day by the water (or have daily adventures under that hot sun), you can still escape to another...

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    5 books with awesome summer jobs

    Having a summer job isn’t easy. You have to schedule your time and sometimes can’t make it when the gang gets together for a movie night. Sure, if you have a gig this vacay you might be missing out on...

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    5 books loaded with some serious girl power

    Here at GL, we are all about spreading some serious girl power. Nothing’s better than being able to read about a totally awesome girl character who stands for what she believes in and never loses hope. And we want you...

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    8 A-list authors we can’t get enough of

    Series are all the rage in Young Adult books these days. But trilogy or not, this fresh collection of authors is worth checking out. We’re recommending a pair of books for each. Def mix up your bookshelf, utilize that dusty...