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  • LIFE: Friends

    5 secrets you should keep from your friends

    Sometimes, secrets stink. And lots of times, they lead to major drama. But there are some times that you really ought to keep your lips zipped. And these are five of those times. Here are five secrets to keep, no matter what. ...

  • LIFE: Friends

    Get personal: How to open up to your friends

    You and your bestie could be thicker than thieves, but sometimes, you just don't feel comfy sharing every little detail of your life with her...especially the tough stuff. The problem is, though, that if you hold back on communicating the...

  • LIFE: Friends

    11 things best friends should never do

    Concerned about your relationship with your BFF? Here is a quick list of 11 things she should never do to you. Any of them sound familiar? Need a reminder of your birthday. It should be starred, highlighted and have a countdown...

  • LIFE: Tough Stuff

    What to do when the gossip is about you

    Everyone enjoys reading a little bit from tabloids here and there—ya know, celebrity breakups, celebrity hookups and the dirty deets of our fave stars. But sometimes those ors can be a little more personal than what you read in the...

  • LIFE: Friends

    Loose lips? How to keep your bestie's secret

    You pinky promised and crossed your heart, yet it’s still super tricky to keep your mouth shut when your BFF spills. But no matter how juicy, you know you’ve gotta obey girl code and stay shushed. So what should you do when you’re...

  • LIFE: Friends

    3 times it's OK to tell your bestie's secret

    You heart your BFF and would do anything to protect her. When she tells you a secret, you obvs have to keep it. Her new crush’s name is for your ears only and you’ll never spill. But is there ever a time...