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  • CRUSHES: Dating

    So you got stood up. Now what?

    Picture this: Your crush *finally* asks you out on a study date after school or to hit up the basketball game with him. You spend the days before the date freaking out, Snapping your friends possible outfits, perfecting your totally-natural-but-casually-glam...

  • LIFE: Tough Stuff

    How to fall in love with yourself

    We all have bad days and low moments. But the key to being an all-around happy girl? Learning how to be sweet to yourself, even when you stumble (or straight up nosedive). Here are five little ways to build your...

  • Ten little ways to boost your positivity

    When things get tough, it’s *so* easy to focus on everything that’s wrong with your life. Soon enough, something as small as dropping your pencil during class can ruin your day. But if you take little steps to change your...

  • FITNESS: Wellness

    20 instant confidence boosters

    Whether it’s end of school stress, or those beach body blues, it’s easy for things to feel a little overwhelming at times. You can quickly become your own worst critic, which can make things a major bummer. Luckily, we have...