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    GL’s A-to-Z guide to clear skin

    Ready to kiss those zits goodbye? We’ve got a list of tips, tricks and products that’ll ensure your complexion is clear and sparkling by the first day of summer. A is for Alpha Hydroxy Acid It sounds scary, but AHA’s actually help...

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    Hypoallergenic makeup products we heart

    Sometimes it can seem as if every makeup product you try leaves ya with a blotchy rash or just plain weird reaction. And if you have super sensative skin, you know what we're talkin' about. That's why we're all for...

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    5 fruits that work wonders for your skin

    We all know fruits are good for your health, but some of those healthy snack options can also get you glowing skin. Add these five fruits to your grocery cart for an extra skincare boost that’ll take you from fresh-faced...

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    GL turns 20: Our 20 best skincare tips

    Want your skin to be glowing and clear when you head back to school? Study up on these utterly amazing skin care tips and tricks. Your skin will be silky smooth—just in time to take your yearbook photo! 1. Get...