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  • Crucial update: This '90s skirt is making a rad comeback

    2015 is the year of the fashion comeback. From 70s denim flares to 80s wayfarers and leather jackets, fashion history is *definitely* repeating itself. Our new fave? The button-front skirt. Super cute and oh-so-versatile, this look is seriously #TBTrendy...

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    Get an eyeful of these cute eyelet outfits

    Lace has always been an in trend, but lately eyelets have been catching our eye. Usually when we find a whole in our dress we know it's time to toss it, but these stylish little holes are the perfect way...

  • STYLE: Fashion

    5 ways to wear flannel this fall

    The ‘90s grunge look has cycled around and flannel is once again a top trend. If you love flannel as much as we do, you’re stocking up on all the plaid in sight. Grab your boyfriend or brother’s old shirts...

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    What to wear to your fave summer activity

    Summer is just around the corner, and that means a lot more free time to do what you do best: have fun! Whether that means riding rollercoasters, chatting by the pool, enjoying a lunch outside or simply exploring a new...

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    5 sweet skirts for summer under $40

    Skirts are the perfect option for those dreaded sticky summer days. You’ll look super cute and flirty while still being the coolest one out of your friends—literally! With so many lengths and styles to choose from, your inner fashion diva...

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    Freshen up your summer wardrobe with cute fruit prints

    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So why not incorporate these healthy foods into your wardrobe as well as your lunch? Fruit prints and bright tropical colors make any occasion instantly more fun. Check out a...