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  • LIFE: School

    Do girls get less credit in group projects?

    Pretty much everyone who's been through school knows that feeling of dread you get when your teacher announces a new group projects. Sure, they can be fun when you get paired up with your friends, but it always seems inevitable...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Backside mix-up

    My friend and I always slap each other’s butts when we see each other. We were at the school dance when I thought that I saw my friend. I went up and slapped her butt, like always. When she turned around I...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Lacy lunch date

    A few of my BFF's and I were playing truth or dare at lunch. My crush was standing only a couple feet away and I was staring at him. One of my friends noticed and decided to get my attention. She leaned...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Prime pajama party

    I was super excited for pajama day because my BFF and I got matching pajamas to wear. So on pajama day I got dressed wearing the matching pajamas that I loved so much. When I got to school, it turned out that...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Sweater setbacks

    This boy in my class was poking at my sweater and being super annoying. My teacher noticed what he was doing and said, "If you like her then just tell her. She's a nice and sensitive girl, she'll say yes...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Padded predicament

    I was at school when I totally spotted my crush. I went over to talk to him and everything was going good until he started pointing and laughing. When I looked down I saw that one of my bra inserts had fallen...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Fist bumpin' French fall

    One day I saw my BGF who is also my crush during lunch. I wasn't normally in that lunch so I decided to go talk to him. One of my other guy friends was sitting at the table and I...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Favorite Skirt Fumble

    I was wearing my favorite long skirt and had to go to the bathroom. When I came back all the boys were staring at me but I thought it was because I looked so good in my outfit! I turned around and...