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Como se dice...EMBARRASSING?!

I was headed to Spanish class when this really hot guy came up to me and started flirting. It was going really well... until my sweatshirt caught on the handle of a door we were passing! I tripped, my binder...


T = Toot

One day, I was in math class and I really had to sneeze. When I did, I accidently farted, too. Everybody heard! One of the guys pointed to his friend and said, "Was that you?" He said, "It was NOT...


What Blushing Reveals

One day in math class my crush sat right behind me and I was trying to grab the papers he was passing to the front. He kept moving them just out of my reach every time. Now, my math teacher...


Destructive Diva

Once, I was out at recess and I found this ball. I decided to kick it as hard as I could. When I did, it went straight up to the side of the building and hit a light. The light...


Cross Country Chitchat

My best friend and I run cross country together. Though we aren't supposed to, we use that time to talk about all of our issues. One day, we were running on a narrow path so I hopped in front of...


Nice Catch?

I was walking out of the locker room on my way to gym class and I still had a few minutes to spare. I saw some guys tossing a football around so I yelled "Here! Pass it here!" They did...


Be Careful What You Stuff

One time in class, I was wearing a bra that was itching me like crazy. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I took off my bra, stuffed it in my sweatshirt sleeve, and walked back...


E-mail Error

I had to turn in an English assignment to my teacher, so I decided to e-mail it to her since my printer broke. I had to forward the homework from an e-mail I sent to my dad earlier. But I...



I was in health class and I was wearing a dress. My teacher likes to throw markers at us and we have to catch them then go up to the board and write the answer. She threw it at me...


Snow Day Sliders

My school had a delayed opening because of some snow that fell eary that morning. When I got off the bus and walked into school, I slipped on a huge, icy puddle and slid on my butt all the way...


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Your first few weeks at school have FINALLY come to an end and:


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