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sticky school sitch

French Fart

I was in French class doing a group project with my crush and some other friends. My stomach was kind of upset and I felt a huge fart coming on but I was working hard to hold it back...


Sing It Loud!

I had just moved to Florida from Hawaii and it was my first day at my new school. They had a bathroom in our classroom. I went in and I was so nervous that I started singing to myself quietly...


Cheer Split

To try out for our cheerleading team you need to perform a cheer with a group in front of a few teachers. I was doing a cheer with my friends when the part came up where I had to do...


Reaching a Little Too Far

One day in class we were taking notes for geography. It was really boring so I started playing with my pencil. By mistake it flew out of my hand and onto the floor. I quickly tried to reach over and...


Swingin' Free

One time in the middle of a school break, I was swinging when the bell rang to come back inside. I jumped out of the swing and the skirt I was wearing flew right up! The worst part was that...


Gas Attack

I was eating lunch with my boyfriend when I accidentally dropped his napkin on the floor. I bent over to get it and farted in his face! Only a few minutes later, he dumped me because I had embarrassed him...


Bathroom Blunder

In my old elementary school there used to be bathrooms in every classroom. When you turned the light on in the bathroom, a light on the outside turn on as well. This was needed because they didn't have locks and...


Sweatshirt Strip

I was in History class and the room was getting really hot, so I decided to take off my sweatshirt. When I pulled the sweatshirt off I didn't realize I pulled off my T-shirt too! I quickly tried to pull...


Klutzy Chica

It was graduation day. I was one of a few who got awards and my crush was in the audience watching. I went up onto the stage, dressed nicely in a skirt and heels, to receive my awards. On my...


Say It, Don't Spray It!

So I was in health class and was kind of showing off for my crush that sits across the room. He was laughing and made a joke that caused me to laugh. Well I was laughing so hard that...


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