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sticky school sitch

Misjudged Mistake

I was in Science class one day and we were reviewing for a big test that was the next day. I really wanted a good grade so I was giving my 100% attention to the teacher. A boy who sat...


Unlucky Lunch Line

At my school, there are big glass rooves over the food, so you have to bend your face and shoulders sideways to get to the drinks or food. Well, it was only my third day of school, and I forgot...


Poopy Pronunciation

In Social Studies, we were reading our papers out loud. My paper was on Michelangelo, the artist. Instead of 'Pope Julius' I said 'Poop Julius'. Everyone laughed! EVEN MY TEACHER! The class talked about it for two days after that!


Sticky Skirt

I had just come out of the bathroom and was getting a drink when I heard a "woot woot!" I turned around to find my skirt tucked inside my underwear. To make matters worse my crush was right behind me...


Tag Catastrophe!

It was the first day of school and I wanted to wear my brand new pair of pants. I put them on without realizing the price tag was sticking out of the back and there was a size sticker on...


Book it!

We had just come in from recess and I was reading a very good book. I turned right, into what I believed to be the girls bathroom. But then I noticed the whole room was switched around! I looked up...


Keep it Hooked

It was the first day of second term which meant all new classes and teachers. That day I wore a new, adorable bra that hooked in the front. I was just sitting in class and these boys started talking to...


Can It!

I was in Spanish class talking/flirting with the cutest guy in the class when the bell rang. Our next class was close together so he offered to walked me. I couldn't take my eyes off of him as we were...



My friend and I were talking about when we are getting our periods next and what guys are hot in our grade. Then we realized that my phone had spontaneously dialed the number of one of my guy friends and...


Math Meltdown

Last year in math I was talking to my best friends about my obsession with Harry Potter when suddenly my crush jumped up behind me. I fell out of my chair and hit my head on his hip going down...


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