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Crash Landing

We were at school, at the very top of the stairs when the bell rang, so all my friends and my crush jumped off the stairs and landed. I decided to do it, too. I jumped and almost fell trying...


Early Bird Gets the Humiliation

When I was in ninth grade, only the first four people to art class got to use the pottery wheels. I sprinted to the art room one day and saw three people sitting at the wheels and a girl going...


Butt Blunder

Me and my friends on my dance team always do this "butt slapping" game. One day, I was walking through the hall and saw one of my friends bending over. I thought it was her because she was wearing sweat...


Trippin' Over a Cutie

I was in PE and I was walking backwards and goofing around so I could talk to my friends. All of a sudden, I fell. I turned around to find that I tripped over the feet of the cutest, most...


Unsuccessful Swagger

At school, I had gone to the bathroom and was trying to quietly coming back. I walked in and tried to strut it up a bit (for my crush), when I accidently tripped on the edge of the carpet! I...


Name Dropping

I was in Social Studies and my class was with a teacher we don't normally have. The teacher was going around asking us our names so she could learn them. I was wondering if she knew or remembered my older...


Magnified Miley

It was the night of the school play and I had just put my stage microphone on. Someone had an iPod playing backstage, and "Party in the USA" came on. My friend and I started totally rocking out and singing...


Walked Right Into That One

One time, I was walking with my crush through the hallway during school. While we were talking, I was kind of flirting and concentrating on him. When we got to our hall, we needed to make a turn. Apparently, I...


Face Plant

On the last week of school in 6th grade, the whole grade played a game of kickball. No one cound see the bases, so my teacher asked me to run them. I wanted to impress everyone with how fast I...


Spanish Screw Up

I was in the middle of Spanish class and I was sitting right next to my crush. I got so preoccupied with staring at him that I wasn't paying any attention to the teacher. When she asked me a question...


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