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sticky school sitch

Klutzy Chica

It was graduation day. I was one of a few who got awards and my crush was in the audience watching. I went up onto the stage, dressed nicely in a skirt and heels, to receive my awards. On my...


Say It, Don't Spray It!

So I was in health class and was kind of showing off for my crush that sits across the room. He was laughing and made a joke that caused me to laugh. Well I was laughing so hard that...


Stainy Situation

One day I was at lunch, and they were serving hamburgers. I sat down and was trying to open a mustard packet to put on my delicious meal. I got one end open but didn't know the other...


Turning Red

One day, while I was sitting in math, I felt like I was on cloud nine until my teacher called me to the whiteboard to finish an equation. When I went up, everyone blurted out laughing. It was then...


Tangled Teeth

I have had braces on for only 2 months and needless to say I am not exactly used to them yet. One day I was at lunch with my friends and began to eat an orange. I put the...


Spacey on Casey

I sit in front of the classroom for one of my classes. So, one day, for some reason, I turned around and just blanked out. It looked like I was staring at this kid named Casey, but I WASN'T...


He's the Star of the Show

For one of my classes, I was put in charge of filming the different groups' projects. When my crush’s group came out to film, I was so excited. While I was filming I directed the camera at him the entire...


My Crush Makes Me Melt!

One time at school I was walking with my friend when I ran into a metal pole. I had to go to the office to get some ice. I got back to the classroom and sat down, when I started...


Library Lipsyncher

I stayed late after school one day and was in the library, doing my research project and listening to my iPod. I was pretty much by myself. My fav song came on, so I started humming, and then...


Deodorant Over-Load

I had just gotten out of P.E. class and went to Language Arts where I raised my hand to ask a question. This one guy was looking at me weird so I looked around and realized I had deodorant all...


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