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sticky school sitch

Tickle Time

One time at the mall me and my besties were walking along when I saw a guy from the back and thought he was my bf. I went up and tickled his sides to be cute . When he turned...


A Smiley Suprise

So last year I had won the presidential award at my school. I was wearing a pink flowy dress and high heels to the ceremony. My crush was sitting in the first row of the audience, clapping as I walked...


A Braceful Kiss

My friends are always teasing me and calling me metal mouth because I have braces and so does my boyfriend. My friends are always telling me that when we kiss our braces are going to get stuck together but I...


F for Fart

I had to do an oral report about the human body which is already pretty embarrassing. In the middle of my report this guy dropped his pen. When he went to get it I sneezed and farted at the SAME...


"The List" Exposed

My friends and I have a fun game where we make a list of boys that we think are cute. I guess we picked a bad time to play. My friends passed me her list in math class and the...


Ahoy Matey!

I was sitting in my English class doing a paper, and my crush kept taking away my pencil to make me mad. I was laughing and flirting back pretending to get mad at him. Well, about the tenth time...


One Big Breeze

I was wearing a skirt one day at school and it was pretty windy outside. On my way to the bus, my legs started getting really cold. I figured it was just the wind and brushed it off...


French Fart

I was in French class doing a group project with my crush and some other friends. My stomach was kind of upset and I felt a huge fart coming on but I was working hard to hold it back...


Sing It Loud!

I had just moved to Florida from Hawaii and it was my first day at my new school. They had a bathroom in our classroom. I went in and I was so nervous that I started singing to myself quietly...


Cheer Split

To try out for our cheerleading team you need to perform a cheer with a group in front of a few teachers. I was doing a cheer with my friends when the part came up where I had to do...


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