summer sitches

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  • FUN: Blush Much

    Scandalously Steep Slide

    During the summer, a group of friends and I went to an outdoor water park. My crush convinced me to go on a really steep slide, he even promised to go first. I was wearing one of those hook-clasp bikini tops and...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Dinner Disaster

    Every summer, my family gets together with my crush and his family. One day, when we were eating dinner, which was steak, I started to choke! I sat coughing and choking right in front of my crush. I was so...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Ocean Oops!

    Over the summer, we went to the beach with a bunch of our family friends. One day, I decided to put on a really cute hand-me-down bathing suit and I thought I looked adorable! When I ran into the ocean...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Break a Leg

    Over the summer I joined a theater group. It was the first day of the theater rehearsals and I was sitting in one of the chairs. It was the kind of chair that folds up when not in use. Somehow...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    A Crisis at Church

    Two summers ago my friend and I got some fraps from Starbucks. We had to pick up her brother at her church and her pastor was there. She wanted to introduce me to him so we shook hands and while...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Camp Crouching

    At camp, my cabin and I were joking around after bedtime. All of a sudden, I really had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t think I’d be able to make it the quarter mile to the nearest bathroom...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Boogie Blues

    One day I was swimming at the pool and trying to impress the really cute lifeguard. Then my dad walked up to me and said, "Hey Melissa, you have a big booger in your nose." Really loud. I was mortified...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Muddy Water

    I was taking a bath with my little sister and all of a sudden she started laughing. I saw a brown thing floating around and didn't know what it was so I picked up! It was my sister's POOP! I...