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summer sitches

Hittin' the High Notes

I'm in my church choir and one day my choir directer asked me to sing verses to a song by myself. I looked over the verses and some of the notes looked pretty high but I thought I could manage...


Thanks Mom!

My big brother invited a friend over and he was really cute. So my sister, my mom, my dad, my brother,my brother's friend, and I were all outside. My mom was trying to take a picture of me but it...


Fast Food Freak-Out

When I was on my way to my dentist with my Mom, we stopped at a fast food place for lunch. We decided to go through the drive-thru. When we drove up to the window, I saw a...


Whoops... Wrong House

I was going to an end-of-the-year party at a house I had never been to. I thought I saw my friend going into the door, so I figured that was the house the party was in. I got...


Hit 'Em Where it Hurts!

One of my best friends was having a HUGE end of school party with a really cool moon bounce. This SUPER cute high-school guy was there who we all knew of. However, he didn't exactly know who I was. After...


Tricky Texting

I was at a sleepover and my friends talked me into asking out the most populaur guy in school on a date. I had a huge crush on him and thought the best way to ask him out would...


Pool Party Period

I was at a pool party with the whole seventh grade, and I was swimming around with a bunch of cute boys. I was flirting a lot when one of the guys went, "Whoa! Is that blood? Ew." And that's...


Bikini Blunder

I was at a pool party one day and my crush was there. I wanted to get a tan for summer so I unclipped my bikini straps so I didn't get weird tan lines. I got so bored that I fell asleep...


What to do now to make sure your summer totally rocks

Yeah, yeah: You’ve got your eyes on spring break's distant past, not the glorious months of freedom comin’ your way this summer. But if you wanna have the best summer ever, it’s time to start thinkin’ ahead, hunnies. Here’s what...


Beach Blooper

I was at the beach one day with a few friends, including my crush! He's an adventurous guy, and I wanted to show off and go in the water to prove that I wasn't chicken. Both of us went in and we...


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