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summer sitches

Rollercoaster or Restroom

One time I went to an amusement park with my family. My sister and I were in a line for this super cool roller coaster when I saw my crush was right in front of me. I was so nervous...


Whose Missin' Undies?

At camp we have to go to the bath house from our cabins to take showers and what not. A couple of girls found someone's underwear lying on the sidewalk leading to the bath house. They went to everyone's cabin...



I was at the store with my aunt buying my first bras! We were trying to figure out my size so she just made me put it over my clothes real quick! Then this really really cute guy walked past...


Jumping for Joy

When I was on vacation, I went to the hotel's pool and there was this really cute guy doing dangerous tricks off the diving board. I decided to show off by doing something cool on the diving board as well...


"Someone's In Here!"

I went to the mall with all of my friends and my crush was there too. We went into a store and I started trying on a lot of clothes. I had just grabbed an adorable bra to try when...


Ridin' the Rollercoaster a Little Too Long

I was at an amusement park and we were going on this rollercoaster. I got in and put my seatbelt on then the bar came down over my knees. The ride was really fun! Afterwards, everyone got off the ride...


Party Pooper

I was at my friend's house for a slumber party and we were playing hide and seek. My stomach was upset, so I had to use the restroom. I farted really loud, and, little did I know, my friend's little...


A Suprise Visit from Aunt Flow

I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap when I got my period out of the blue. Suddenly my BF yelled out "Uh...something is wet on my pants." As I stood up I saw that there was a dark...


Treadmill Trip

I was at the gym and these cute guys came in just as I was about to go on the treadmill. I wanted to impress them with my running skills and wasn't paying attention to how high the speed...


Shower Shock!

I got in the shower right before my BFF was coming over so we could go to her house. I heard banging on the bathroom door so I just assumed it was her fooling around. I came out of the...


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