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summer sitches

One With Nature

When I was at summer camp last year my older brother and his friend were counselors. His friend was so cute! We were taking a nature hike one day and he came along. I went off to go pee and...


"Ya Wavin' At Me?"

I was at an amusement park with my BFF and I saw two boys I know. We were standing near them in the line and the one who was standing directly in front of me waved. I thought he waved...


Caught in the Act!

I was having an end-of-the-year party and my crush was there. We were playing truth or dare and I was dared to kiss him. I did but while I was kissing him, my mom,dad,brother and two older cousins walked outside...


Breaking Limbs Over Boys

I have a huge crush on my best-guy-friend. One day he invited me to play at his house. I was so excited that we were finally going to be alone! Later, I was in his room waiting for him to...


Hittin' the High Notes

I'm in my church choir and one day my choir directer asked me to sing verses to a song by myself. I looked over the verses and some of the notes looked pretty high but I thought I could manage...


Thanks Mom!

My big brother invited a friend over and he was really cute. So my sister, my mom, my dad, my brother,my brother's friend, and I were all outside. My mom was trying to take a picture of me but it...


Fast Food Freak-Out

When I was on my way to my dentist with my Mom, we stopped at a fast food place for lunch. We decided to go through the drive-thru. When we drove up to the window, I saw a...


Whoops... Wrong House

I was going to an end-of-the-year party at a house I had never been to. I thought I saw my friend going into the door, so I figured that was the house the party was in. I got...


Hit 'Em Where it Hurts!

One of my best friends was having a HUGE end of school party with a really cool moon bounce. This SUPER cute high-school guy was there who we all knew of. However, he didn't exactly know who I was. After...


Tricky Texting

I was at a sleepover and my friends talked me into asking out the most populaur guy in school on a date. I had a huge crush on him and thought the best way to ask him out would...


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