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    GL turns 20: Our 20 best skincare tips

    Want your skin to be glowing and clear when you head back to school? Study up on these utterly amazing skin care tips and tricks. Your skin will be silky smooth—just in time to take your yearbook photo! 1. Get...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    5 summer beauty essentials for your beach bag

    Between your phone, sunscreen and the perfect lipgloss, gettin’ out of the house with everything you need in your bag can seem impossible. These products are the absolute essentials to keep you happy and healthy this summer in the surf...

  • STYLE: Fashion

    3 cool ways to wear a sun hat

    Spring has sprung once again, ladies, and it’s time for some well-needed fun in the sun. We know you darling beauties have already slathered on your sunscreen, but keep your glowing skin super protected by rocking a cute sun hat...

  • STYLE: Beauty

    Ready, set, glow! How to master self-tanning

    We all want our skin to look its best in the spring after a long, dry winter. And glowing skin is definitely a top priority! Luckily we’ve got the top three tricks right here. From products to how to apply...