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9 HOURS AGO #GLQuiz Find out what your go to fall fashion trend is! #GLFashion http://t.co/4LTyVqDpZO

10 HOURS AGO What to expect transitioning from home schooling to public school: http://t.co/VexOwlx570

11 HOURS AGO Exactly what to put in your BTS makeup bag! http://t.co/N6wTjqrhwe


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Survey Says

A quiz for anyone

Hey cuties! Here's a totally random quiz from a GL reader just like you. Leave your answers in the comments, and don't forget to send in your own! 1. Hugs or kisses? 2. Mascara or lip gloss? 3. Vacation or camp? 4. Nick...


Totally random quiz for anyone

Ready to get random? This survey is from a GL reader just like you, and she's ready to mix it up! Leave your answers in the comments, cuties. Are you... 1. Bubbly or shy? 2. Girly girl or tomboy? 3. Band geek, artistically...


A quiz for anyone

Hey there, sporty sistahs! This quiz is all about your favorite sweat seshes. Here we go... 1. Individual sports or team sports? 2. Swim or run? 3. Watch it or do it? 4. Fave team sport? 5. Fave individual sport? 6. On the treadmill or...


A quiz for anyone

Hey guys! If you like summer your going to love this survey from a GL reader. Comment below with all of your faves. 1. Chocolate or vanilla? 2. Coke or Pepsi? 3. Apple or orange? 4. Lip gloss or...


It's makeup Monday! Take our brand-new survey now

OK, stylistas, it's time to spill the contents of your beauty bag! Which picks are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below, babes. 1. Lip gloss or lipstick? 2. Foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer? 3. Powder or no...


Totally random survey just for Y-O-U

Hey hunnies! Get through the afternoon with a totally fun (and totally random) survey from a GL reader just like you. Please leave your answers in the comments--and don't forget to submit your own Qs! 1. Running or dancing? 2. Art or...


A survey for the fashionistas!

Hey there, babes! Got a packed closet and overflowing dresser? Tell us all about your faves in the comments below! 1. Dresses or skirts? 2. Sneakers or heels? 3. Hoops or studs? 4. Natural hair or colored? 5. Favorite style of jeans? 6. Jean or...


A survey for the summer sistahs!

Hello, darlings! Here's a quiz for all the cuties who can't wait for summer. Please leave your answers in the comments. 1. Summer on the beach or in a big city? 2. Summer read or summer movie? 3. Flip flops or hiking boots? 4...


Hey, music mamas, this survey is for you!

Feeling musical? Try this survey on for size! Please leave your answers in the comments, cuties. 1. Pop or country music? 2. Indie music or signed to a recording company music? 3. Jazz or bluegrass? 4. Rock or heavy metal? 5. New pop or...


A survey for the foodies!

Hey hunnies, feelin' hungry? Hope you're got a snack lying around, 'cause this all-about-food survey is gonna make you drool. Leave your answers in the comments. 1. Favorite pizza toppings? 2. Favorite pasta sauce? 3. Favorite frosting flavor? 4. Favorite oatmeal toppings? 5...


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