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  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    5 reasons sweating isn't actually the worst

    Everyone hates pit stains. No one likes to smell. And yet, sweat doesn't have to stink. Next time you’re thinking about skipping the gym, remember these amazing benefits of sweat. 1. Exercise makes us happy. It's just science: working out releases...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    20 biggest body Qs in GL’s history

    Got a super awkward bod sitch too embarrassed to tell Mom or Dad? Um, been there. That’s why for the past 20 years, GL has been solving your most blush-inducing Qs. We thumbed through our old issues and picked our...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    Whats pH got to do with it?

    I keep hearing about my pH balance and I'm very confused. What is it? The pH scale measures the relative acidity of a certain substance. Maintaining a standard pH allows organisms to function properly in a certain environment. A healthy vagina is slightly...

  • FITNESS: Wellness

    6 gross things hanging out at the gym (and how to get rid of em)

    Ready for your daily dose of nasty? If you’re heading to the gym, just back or resolving to go in the new year, there is one thing you absolutely, positively need to do before you touch any gym equipment with your spandex-clad body...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    Itchy pit prob

    My armpits really itch. I don't shave under my arms and I really don't need to. I don't know what to do! Help? Shaving isn't the only thing that can seriously rub you the wrong way. There are all kinds of tiny little irritants...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    Grossed out by my clammy hands

    I always get clammy hands when I'm nervous. I'm afraid that if I hold hands with a guy then he is going to think my hands are gross. Is there anything to use to stop clammy hands? There are a couple...