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  • CRUSHES: Dating

    How to nix the single sads this season

    It’s that time of year again. The air is filled with holiday cheer, Christmas movies are playing on every channel…and it seems like everyone is pairing up and smooching under the mistletoe but you. Ahead, our four fave ways to...

  • 10 reasons you should love being single

    When just about everyone around you seems to be coupling up, it can be hard to appreciate everything the single life can offer you. Whether you’re newly solo (or have been for a while now), there's no reason you should...

  • BOOKS: Rad Reads

    5 books that prove being single is great

    ‘Tis the season for some reading! While romance novels are typically the books of choice during this time of year, there are plenty of reads perfect for all of those non-taken ladies out there. Not every girl is a damsel...

  • CRUSHES: Dating

    10 reasons being single rocks--really!

    Stop getting green with envy around couples and start appreciating your independence! From girl time to grades and BGFs, there are tons of reasons why you should be loving the single life. Not having to listen to guys talk about...