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    The biggest celeb OMG moments of the week

    School is back, but another week of classes means we’re one week closer to a break from school. With tests, homework and sports practices already taking over your schedule, it can be hard to stay in-the-know with everything that’s happening...

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    This might be the best #TBT news we've heard

    Ready to hear something absolutely amazing? Nickelodeon's hit TV show Victorious just might be coming back for a victory lap—and we feel like we just won a million bucks! That’s right: In an interview with Variety, Russell Hicks, president of...

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    Victoria and Max at it again! The holiday edition

    Whelp, it looks like GL’s December/January 2013 cover girl, Victoria Justice, wasn’t kidding when she dished about future song covers in our exclusive interview. “I’d like to upload more,” she enthusiastically told us, hinting at plans to post her own twist on songs from...

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    Our 12 biggest celeb crushes

    Cute boy alert! Between music, movies, television and sports, 2012 sure was a great year for celeb crushes. On this lucky day of 12/12, why not take a moment to enjoy some of our fave eye candy, of the celeb-guy variety. Consider it...