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This Thanksgiving, we're thankful for all these awesome celebs

At this time of year, it's time to give thanks, and one of the most important things to be thankful for are all the amazing people in your life. We're lucky to have our friends and family, but there...


Love these looks: 2015 American Music Awards

Last night's American Music Awards were filled with amazing performances and crazy moments (check out or highlights here and the full list of winners here), but, as always, one of our favorite parts of the night was all the amazing...


The biggest OMG celeb moments of the week

This week's been crazy busy—and not just for One Direction who shared not one, but *four* new songs. Check out what your favorite stars were up to over the past few days and let us know what news you were...


Zendaya speaks out against Photoshop

It's hard to imagine that anyone would ever want to photoshop Zendaya (after all, she's basically flawless already), but one magazine did. And when our girl Z found out, she wasn't having any of it. As the cover girl for...


Exclusive: We talked to Zendaya about her birthday wish, philanthropy and her new collab with Barbie

Yep, you heard that right. Super star Zendaya is partnering up with Barbie to host the Barbie Rock 'n Royals Concert Experience on September 26th. She'll be taking the stage at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA to help...


Ready for the Zendaya/Raven-Symone team up? It's almost here!

It seems like ages ago that we heard the amazing news that That’s So Raven’s Raven-Symoné would be making a special guest appearance on Zendaya’s hit show, K.C. Undercover. Now, the time is finally here (the episode, “Runaway Robot,” is...


Love these looks: 2015 Teen Choice Awards

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards were this Sunday, and it was a huge night for some of the most popular celebs. With a full host of awesome nominees and winners (check the list here), this night was one for the...


Exclusive: Marissa gets Guy in tonight's K.C. Undercover

Another Sunday, another new episode of Disney Channel's hit show K.C. Undercover, and we've got a few exclusive pictures to share. When another agent's son gets in trouble at the all boys' cadet academy, someone's gotta go in and make...


Four-eyed and fabulous: Our favorite celebs are gorgeous in glasses

It’s true: stars really are just like us. They take public transportation, they have bad hair days, and, yes, they even rock glasses on the daily. Check out some of our faves killin' it in their frames, just in time...


Exclusive: We've got pics from tonight's K.C. Undercover

If you've seen the promos, then you know that tonight you're in for a very special episode of Disney Channel's K.C. Undercover. Though she's more of a tomboy, Zendaya's K.C. will do anything for a mission—including getting seriously glammed up...


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