84 hairstyles to try this second
One style? Boring! Two? Psh! We've got 84 hairstyles (and counting!) for you to try right this second. From school to parties and beyond, we're keeping you effortlessly chic all season long.

3 summer hair trends inspired by celebs

See how the A-listers keep it low-key once the warm weather strikes.


Great Styles for Growing Out Bangs

There’s plenty of ways to send your old hairstyle out with a bang. Here’s how to make grow-out time as stylish as ever!


GL's Fun New Hair Crushes!

Keep reading to spy our easy ways to make your locks look lovely and totally unique! Your tresses will get tons of compliments, too.


Cute Styles for Short Hair

Whether you chopped a pretty pixie or are sporting a sleek bob, we’ve got easy ways for your locks to look amazing!



Cool Weekend Hair

Keep reading to spy our fave ponytails (and one fab bun!), and treat your tresses to a new holiday hairdo.


3 easiest styles ever!

These styles take seconds to do, and look amazing decked out in fall’s best-tressed accessories. Read our how-to’s and say buh-bye to bad hair days.


3 fresh braids to try this minute!

Start spring with a new ’do. We’ve found three fab new ways to wear cute braids—all straight from the stars!


Stylin' Side Parts

Side parts are sweet for spring! GL's easy how-tos, plus fab styles that any girl can do!



The Best Bangs For Your Face

Need to update your look, like, now? Cute bangs are a chic way to change up your look.


4 steps to perfect curls

Having probs using a curling iron? No worries, girlie! Read on for our how-to guide…


HOW TO: Get The Perfect Party Pouf!

Vamp up your best accessory! With the holiday season approaching a girl's got to look her best. Check out our tips to tame your mane...


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