Cute costumes you can DIY
Gear up to rock the one night each year when it's totally acceptable to be a monster or a magician or a movie star, no matter how old you are! Whether you're heading to a hoppin' Halloween bash, are trick-or-treating with your sibs or are jockeying to win your school's costume contest, we've got a look you're gonna love.

Crafty costumes: 7 ways to wear a witch's hat

Sick of painting your face green? Brush off your black hat, babe, ‘cause we’ve got a stellar set of spooktacular costume ideas.


Love My Look: Halloween Edition

Did you win GL's costume contest? Read on!


Awesome (and Affordable!) Costume Ideas

Of course ya want to look totally fab and festive for Halloween but sometimes costs seem to, um, add up fast. No worries gal, GL has you covered!


Cute Cowgirl Costume Alert!

Rate Lily's costume AND let us know what you're gonna be for Halloween. Send in pics and you could get featured on the site!



Dress Like Your Fave Star

T-minus 12 days ’til Halloween!


The Best Ways to Score Cool Vintage Clothes

Seven thrift store shoppin' rules to live by


Cute Costume Alert: Lovely Ladybug

Check out Kim's costume. PLUS, we could feature your costume right here, too! Find out how.


Great Group Costumes

When you think Halloween, are you seeing multiples? We’ve got 13 top-notch group costume ideas plus...



Super-Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Here’s the sitch: it’s Halloween, and you’ve been crazy busy. You’ve got a party to attend, but there’s no way you have time to go out...


Costume Contest Winners: Oh-so-adorable Audrey Hepburn!

Check out BFFs Janae and Sierra who dressed up as Audrey Hepburn. Plus YOU could be featured on the site, too!


Top 10 Thrifty Spooky Styles!

Having a great get-up doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. GL’s got original ideas for awesome AND affordable Halloween costumes!


Hollywood Halloween: Trick or Chic

Don't just drool over your fave movie star, become one! Grab your most stylish shades, fab outfit, lavish wig and dress up like a celebrity...



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