Rock fall tryouts!
Whether you're ace at sending a soccer ball sailin' into a goal or your lookin' for a pair of pompoms to call your own, GL is here to help! From busting stress to polishing your best moves, we're showing you how to get in top form for tryouts. Not gonna make the squad? Psh. We're all about positivity...and kicking butt!

3 fun ways to cross-train before tryouts

Snag a spot on the squad without spending countless hours dribbling a soccer ball.


Cute workout gear to get you psyched for tryouts

We’ve got adorable threads that’ll get you through the hottest sweat sesh.


5 quick moves to a totally toned Y-O-U!

Get fit just in time for the first day of school.


5 ways to get prepped for fall sports - now!

Start shaping up now to impress Coach and acing tryouts.



My Tryout Tips to Help You Make the Team

Fall sports are my fave. I love how they start when the weather is still boiling and end with the leaves crunching under your cleats...


Last-minute Tryout Tips!

We turned to our fave experts (GL readers!) to weigh in on how to make the team. Whether you’re goin’ out for varsity or are hopin’ to make JV, we’ve got no-fail advice for everyone!


10 exercise excuses--busted!

No more backing outta your workouts, babe. We’re blowing the lid on those oh-so famous excuses us girlies give to nix our fitness. 10 reasons...


What is your fave class in school?


WIN IT! Can *you* solve the mystery?



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