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Craving some Cinderella magic this spring? Your moment has arrived! We're transforming you into the belle of the ball, just in time for your big spring dance. From what to wear (and oh, that hair!) to who to ask and what to do afterward, here's everything you need to make prom season positively perfect.

10 no-fail prom convo starters

Things can quickly get awkward at the prom when the conversation runs dry between you and your date. To avoid the uncomfortable silence, here are a few...


Dance dilemma: Should my date and I be dating?

I asked my BGF to a dance and he said yes. Now our friends think we should be a couple. Help!


5 cute ways to ask him to the dance

Bored with the typical “Hey, will you go to the dance with me?”


Hints on how to ask him out - and get a "yes!"

Snag-a-date tips that'll get ya the valentine you've been dreamin' of...



7 reasons going to prom with your girls totally rocks

Why go stag or stress over a guy when you can party with your sweeties all night long?


Will u go 2 prom w/ me?

Ace asking him out…via text.


Spring dance survival guide: Seeing double

What to do when you’re not the only one rocking your dress…


Got the spring dance blues? 3 sitches, solved!

Think you’re spring fling’s gonna be a total bore? Turn up the fun with these tips…



Spring Soiree prep playlist

Ready to boogie the night away with your buds at school’s upcoming spring dance? We’ve got the best jams to get ya in the perf party mood.


8 songs to request at your spring dance

The tunes to make your big night the best one yet!


10 tips to taking perfect prom pics

The magazine-worthy snaps to go with your gorge gown 'n' flawless updo.


Your best prom after party ever

Let the good times roll!



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