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Summer camp survival guide
Can't wait to pack your bags and hit the trails? Say sayonara to textbooks and final exams and hello to summer camp! We've got everything you need to know to make this session your best yet.

Be a summer camp superstar

Queen of the cabin? Yeah, that’d be you!


Happy camper guide: Make the most out of summer camp

Whether you’re goin’ to day camp or a sleepover soccer camp for two weeks, this is the guide for you to say buh- bye to all those fears—and hello to having fun!


The camp cutie likes my BFF, not me!

My best friend and I go to the same camp, and I like a guy who acts more interested in my BFF.


Keep in touch with collage postcards

Will you and your bestie be away from each other? Stay in touch with these super cute collage postcards.



How should I deal with my period at camp?

I use pads and have no desire in using tampons, but is that practical at a sleepaway sports camp?


Create a sisterhood of the traveling journal

A crafty way to stay tight with your sistahs this summer!


15 things to do at camp this summer

We’re stocking up on shorts and packing our duffels, ‘cause the best time of the year is right around the corner.


My camp crush has a GF

Recently I went to a grade 6 camp with a bunch of other schools. I met a lot of new people and one really cute...



Summer camp survival guide

Leaving the ’rents behind and heading off for the first time to that overnight odyssey we all know as sleepaway camp? Don’t stress, bunk-bed beginner...


Ditch those awkward summer sitches!

Tricky, sticky summer situations. Everybody has ’em! Maybe it’s meeting your BF’s family or running into your ex at the beach with his new Lindsay...


5 tips to keeping your skin amazing this summer

Warmer weather means tonsa time outside. Translation? It’s time to step up your sun protection routine. Here’s how...


I miss all of my camp friends

When I was at camp this summer, I never got homesick. Now that I am home, I am campsick. I loved my camp friends, camp...



What’s your present-wrapping style?


#CyborgMonday is here...


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