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Put your heart up! GL’s dishing all things V-Day

If love is high on your list on resolutions this year, you’ve come to the right place! From now ‘til Feb. 14, Girls’ Life is helping you show the love, share the love and snag some love of your own. And it’s not all first kisses, first dates and first boyfriends, either. Here’s the place to find fun things to do with your friends and family, sweet treats to make for Y-O-U (and everyone you know), cute pink ‘n’ read crafts to DIY and tons more. Happy Heart Day!



Even more awesomeness... 

> Pamper perfect! Everything you need to look amazing

> Have a blast with your best babes: DIYs, deliciousness, sleepovers and more

> Mwah. Our guide to crushes, BFs and (ugh) exes

> And just for kicks: A little anti-V-Day fun


4 aww-worthy scenes from our favorite romantic movies

Some movies you can watch over and over and over again, and the same is true of these four fabulously scenes we’re crushing on this...


Movies, songs and books to get you in the Valentine's Day spirit

Quick! Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. And whether you’re a taken cutie or a single lady, we have everything you need to watch, read...


Cupid cuties sleepover

Get ready to share the love...


Blast GL's Single Girls Playlist

Calling all solo sweeties! Don’t get us wrong, we love guys, but having a BF can sometimes bring more drama than an entire season of 90210. In fact...



10 ways to show M&D how much you care

This Heart Day, show the 'rents how much your lurrrve them...in a snap!


Spread the love: Our top 7 fave charities

Looking for a good cause? We’ve got ‘em in spades…


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