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You weirdest body questions answered!
Think you're the only one with a crazy body problem? Think again! You asked and now we're bring you our 20 most out-there body questions...with some surprisingly normal answers.

My tongue is peeling!

I have skin coming off of my tongue, kinda like a sunburn but in my mouth…


I might have a third nipple

I was looking at my boobs and there's what looks like a second nipple on my right breast. I told my mom, but I do...


Baking soda can lighten your hair: True or false?

Is it true that if you add baking soda to your hair, it automatically lightens your hair up to one whole shade?


Bumpy pit prob

My armpits have weird bumps on them, but I don't know what they are…



Why is wearing a pad so uncomfortable?

Whenever that "time-of-the-month" comes around, I always have issues with my pad. What can I do to make it feel better?


Do I have a mustache?

Some people say I'm growing a mustache. I'm not really, but there is just a very faint dark line above my upper lip. Does that...


I have this gross bump on my eyelid, and its so painful.

Sounds like a sty – a red, painful lump, caused by a bacterial infection, at the root of your eyelash. It fills with puss and...


I get cramps even when I'm not on my period

My hormones act up and I get cramps even when I'm not on my period. What's going on? Just so you know, cramps are caused...



Drinking milk increases breast size: True or false?

I heard from a lot of people that this rumor is true…


This is weird, but I have a ton of nose hairs!

It hurts to pluck. How else can I get rid of them? Believe it or not, those hairs do important things like act as mini-filters to...


Pesky toilet paper problem

Sometimes TP gets left behind ...


My Fingers are Hairy!

I have short, dark hairs on my fingers. Is there anything I can do about it? Short hairs on your fingers are very common and...



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