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Your biggest boob questions, answered!
Ever wondered why one of your girls is bigger than the other? Or what's up with the stretch marks? Or why your nipples are super sensitive? Sit back 'n' relax, babes, 'cause we're solving all the boob brainteasers that have got ya puzzlin'. Phew!

Seeing blue...around my boobs

While I was getting dressed one day, I noticed blue lines around my boobs...


When it comes to nipples, what's normal?

This is really embarrassing, but...


Will my boobs flatten in my sleep?

I've heard that if you sleep on your stomach, your breasts can become deformed. Is this true?


Fact or fiction: Your nipples itch when your boobs grow

My friends insist it’s true, but…



I have bumps on my nipples. Are they harmless?

They're a li'l bit bigger than a goose bump, but they never go away…


Drinking milk increases breast size: True or false?

I heard from a lot of people that this rumor is true…


I might have a third nipple

I was looking at my boobs and there's what looks like a second nipple on my right breast. I told my mom, but I do...


Why do I have stretch marks?

I have stretch marks on my breasts. My mom says it's normal. Is it really, and what causes them? Don’t worry—it IS normal. Stretch marks...



My breasts are sagging!

I’m only 13, but I think my breasts are sagging already. Even my sister commented on their odd shape. How can I make them look...


Is it normal to have hair on your boobs?

I’m so insecure that I’m the only girl that has it. Should I see a doctor? No need to head to a doctor over this one...


My breasts are different sizes! Will they even out?

It sounds weird to say but my breasts are two different sizes. And I’m not just talking by a little. Is there something wrong with...




What does music mean to you?


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