Gettin' ready for Camp Rock 2

Ready for another summer at Camp Rock, full of Jonas cuties and sing-a-longs with Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam?
I am! But apparently, things have totally changed at Camp Rock. Tess Tyler and an army of talented musicians have created an opposing new camp, Camp Star. We can't wait to hear the new summer jams! The music is sure to get even greater as the two camps battle for the Final Jam title.
I loved "This is Me" from the first Camp Rock soundtrack and, rumor has It, there's another love song between Joe and Demi on the Camp Rock 2 CD called "I Wouldn't Change A Thing."
I hope this new soundtrack is a mix between JoBros songs like "Play My Music" and tunes from the entire cast like "We Rock." What’s even more exciting about this smashin’ sequel? It features new artists, Michael "M Dot" Finley, Chloe Bridges and many more.
Too anxious to wait ’til July 27th to hear these awesome tunes? Check out the music videos for my favorites, "Can't Back Down” and "It's On” on YouTube and buy the singles on iTunes now! I can't wait to hear all the new catchy songs. What about you?
Who will win the final jam: Camp Rock or Camp Star? Who do you think has the better talent? Blog about it, babes.


by Maddie Brown | 2/1/2016