7 things to love about Awkward.'s Matthew Fahey

MTV’s hilarious show Awkward. is back for season 2 this summer. Will you be tuning in?

The series centers around 15-year-old Jenna Hamilton, whose world is turned upside down when an accident is misunderstood as a suicide attempt, changing the way everyone thinks of her. Season 1 was packed with embarrassing moments, uncomfortable situations, and a tricky love triangle, all of which made us feel a little bit better about our own blunders!


And when the series returns this Thursday, June 28, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, you better believe there will be even more awkwardness! We’ll also get to join Jenna as she gets a better understanding of her relationships with her fam, friends Tamara and Ming, and of course, cuties Jake and Matty.


We’ll also be seeing more of Tamara’s off-and-on BF Ricky, the band geek who doubles as a player. We caught up with sweetie Matthew Fahey who plays Ricky in the show. And as if you didn’t love this cutie before, here are seven more things to heart about him…


He’s BFFs with the Awkward sound guy. “He’s like my best friend. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I just sit there and crack jokes with him all day long.”


He’s a self-proclaimed nerd. “I’ve collected comic books since I was little. I have so many old Spider-Man and X-Men [ones]. They’re all in sleeves and put away in a room where it’s temperature-controlled.”

He’s tight with Lucy Hale. “The other night, I was at Lucy’s birthday party and I thought my friend was there. So I went up and I kind of tickled his sides. The guy turned around and it was not him. I saw him a couple of times later that night and he kind of just kept giving me a weird look. It was pretty awkward.”


He’s 21 going on 16. “I’m only 21, but at the same time I want to be 16 again. Growing up, I always wanted to be older and people would tell me, ‘When you’re older, you’re gonna say you wish you could go back and be that age again and do this or that.’ I never really understood that until now.”


He digs honest girls. “The thing that’s always caught my eye is just being yourself and not trying to overdo things. A guy will appreciate that so much more than somebody trying so hard to be something they’re not.”


He’s a jock. “I played football my entire life—I still play every Saturday. I want to see Ricky try out for football. I think he would be the kid getting knocked down all the time. He’s suave, but at the same time he’s not as tough as he thinks he is. I think it would be hilarious.”


He’s adventurous. “I have this huge bucket list of things I want to do. There’s this thing in New Zealand called The Nevis Swing. It’s kind of like bungee jumping, but it swings you upside down through this entire canyon. I want to do that!”


Be sure to catch Matthew and the rest of the Awkward. gang for the season premiere this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.


Are you an Awkward. fan? Which was your favorite moment from season 1? Blog about it, babes.


Photo Credit: Deidhra Fahey Photography, styled by Audrey Brianne.

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by Kelly Gieron and Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016
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