We hung out with Ed Sheeran and here's what happened

After penning tracks for 1D and appearing in a duet on Tay Swift’s latest album, we think it’s safe to say British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is on the path to major fame. This 21-year-old cutie was in our hometown this week, and we were lucky enough to score tix to his show!
The gig was general admission, meaning there are no seats. Standing spots are taken on a first come first serve basis, so if ya want a good view, you gotta show up super early. Some mega-fans flocked to the venue at 2 a.m. just for a chance at nabbing the front row. But it seems like their crazy dedication pulled off—some of them got to meet the redheaded star as he went to an early sound check.


Ed has two opening acts with him on his latest tour, and they were both fantastic. First up was Foy Vance, a super-talented Irish artist who sings, plays guitar and harmonica.


After Foy came the hot rap duo Rizzle Kicks, which consists of two to-die-for British guys named Jordan and Harley. They got the entire crowd pumped…and stole everyone’s hearts by wearing Baltimore sports gear. Hey, they even waved a Ravens flag around while performing. Swoon.


Of course, the best part of the night was when Ed (finally) burst onto the stage to the ear-splitting sound of his B’more fans. He started off his set by playing his latest single “Give Me Love.” (Check out the music video below)



While we don’t wanna spoil the whole show for anyone who might be seeing this cutie live within the next couple of weeks, we just had to spill some highlights for ya…


Ed has both heartfelt ballads and upbeat, cheery songs. And he handles the crowd in different ways for different jams. For the quiet tunes, he hushed the crowd so everyone could appreciate the song. He even joked that the best way to get strangers around you quiet is to calmly stroke them, which everyone soon started doing.


During loud songs, he encouraged fans to shout as loud as they could, even splitting the room into two “choirs,” pitting them against one another to see who could sing louder.


One of the best parts of the night? Ed’s encore, loaded with an impressive 15-minute version of his song “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”. Even better? He weaved in lyrics from Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and had Rizzle Kicks rap part of it. Talk about a wild performance!


Overall, the Ed Sheeran concert was a blast and this guy proved he’s got what it takes to make it big. With all that talent, we know it won’t be long ’til we’re hearing him on every radio station…well, even more than we already do.


Are you an Ed Sheeran fan? Were you able to grab tickets to this tour? Blog about it, babes.


Photos By: Kendall Treece

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016
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