Teen Beach Movie set scoop--what you won't see on-screen

On any movie set, there’s bound to be a bunch of funny moments that creep up when the cameras aren’t rolling. Teen Beach Movie definitely didn’t escape that! We chatted with the stars of this hot new Disney Channel flick and found out some of the most hilarious stuff that happened behind the scenes. Check them out!

Be sure to check out the premiere of Teen Beach Movie tomorrow night, July 19, at 8 p.m, ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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    “Mollee [Grey], who plays Giggles, decided one day that it would be fun to hide all of the stuff in my trailer (my gym shorts, T-shirt and book) in the microwave. It wasn’t until after an hour of searching and asking the costume [department] to borrow clothes did someone shout to look in the microwave while the entire production [team] was standing around my trailer with the door open.”—Garrett Clayton (Tanner)

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    Better Hair Days

    “I had my hair in a beehive that was basically a foot higher than me. While I was walking around, it suddenly got stuck in a tree! I couldn’t move because my whole hair (which took three hours in the makeup chair) would’ve been a mess, so I was just frozen, yelling for someone to rescue me. It was dramatic.”—Maia Mitchell (Mack)

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    Hosed Nose

    “We were filming a scene where we had do this little conga line thing and pass a bucket of water down the line. At the end, I have to chuck the water on one of the dancers. Well his mouth was wide open during one of the takes and I didn’t realize it. She looked at the camera like she was mad, coughed and snot came out of her nose. It was hilarious.”—Kent Boyd (Rascal) 

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    Just Dance

    “We were in this Italian restaurant after filming one night and there was this huge window where you could see the chefs putting pizzas in the oven. While taking care of our checks, Garrett [Clayton] stood up and just started dancing. I went over and started doing it with him. Then we looked over and saw one of the chefs doing it with us. He was getting all into it and it was fantastic.”—Jordan Fisher (Seacat)  

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    Teen Stampede

    “We had this scene where we’re running on the sand. My character’s a biker, so I’m wearing these little short shorts and a leather jacket. It’s hot, my beehive is to the ceiling, and I’m wearing boots with heels. While running, my ankle just gave out and I went ‘WHAPOOOSH!’ I looked back and there’s a stampede of teenagers coming at me I was like ‘I’m gonna die!’ One of the dancers just picked me up and said, ‘Come on Chee Chee!’ It was great.”—Chrissie Fit (Chee Chee)

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    Slap Attack

    “I definitely get slapped in the face in the movie. We tried a couple of takes with a fake slap, but eventually Jeffrey [Hornaday, the director] was like, ‘You can’t do a fake slap, let’s whack him this time.’ This girl slapped me real good.”—John DeLuca (Butchy) 

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by Allie Fick and Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016