5 fashion dos and don'ts we've learned from Miley Cyrus

If there is someone out there who isn’t afraid of rocking (and we mean rocking) out her fierce fashion sense, it is Miley Cyrus. The former Hannah Montana star has undergone a cray cray style evolution and is proving to fans you should never be afraid to show who ya really are through your clothes. Naturally, Miley has had some sweet (and some not so sweet) style moments and GL is rounding ’em up right here to bring you: A Lesson In Fashion From Miley Cyrus…The Dos and Don’ts Of Personal Style. 

Which style dos and don’ts have you learned from Miley Cyrus? Share in the comments below.


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  • 1miley.jpg

    Do: Be Fearless

    When Miley chopped off her long brown locks for a bleached blonde under cut she was making a cool commitment to a new sense of style. With her dark eye makeup, bold red lips and hot cropped coif, she certainly isn’t letting haters stop her from rocking it.

    Lesson Learned: No matter what your taste is, when it comes to fashion, don’t be afraid to be fearless.

  • 2miley.jpg

    Don’t: Overdo It

    Sure, when you’re picking an outfit, you can get so excited that you want to try a whole bunch of trends at once. The thing is, you should never overdo it. At this year’s Teen Choice Awards, Miley rocked a leather skirt made of belts, white pumps, a Peter Pan collared sheer shirt, bright red nails…the list of edgy trends goes on, which made this look more of a miss than a hit.

    Lesson Learned: Don’t try too many trends at once. Sometimes less is more.

  • 3miley.jpg

    Do: Look For Fashion Surprises

    There’s nothing more fashion-forward than wearing an outfit that has surprise design elements. Miley is the master of wearing funky frocks that make her fans go “OMG!” Check out this chic pantsuit for example; it’s basic in the front, but the bow around back adds the “ooh la la” buzz.

    Lesson Learned: Always look for unique pieces that surprise you.

  • 4miley.jpg

    Don’t: Forget To Keep It Classy

    Uber short shorts and micro mini skirts may seem hot, but there is nothing cute about looking cringe-y. At a recent performance, Miley made the mistake of wearing a too-short and too-tight body suit that (gasp!) left half her butt exposed. There is nothing wrong with trying sassy looks, but remember to keep it ladylike.

    Lesson Learned: Don’t feel like super short hemlines are the only way to look hot. There is nothing more chic than keeping things classy with your closet. 

  • 5miley.jpg

    Do: Have Fun With Fashion

    No matter if Miley is wearing something amazing or just plain crazy, she proves that she knows how to have fun with fashion. So don’t forget to smile and just enjoy whatever you choose to put on that morning.

    Lesson Learned: Fashion is meant to be super fun, so don’t take your outfits too seriously.

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by Annie Robinson | 2/1/2016
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