The biggest OMG celeb moments of the week

It’s almost the weekend! And you know what that mean: Time to find out all the latest celeb gossip. This week was full of friends, new movie trailers and possible reuniting. Who are BFFs again and who was left out by his fam? Read on for the scoop. 

BFFs again?

Former BFF powerhouse Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato seem to have rekindled their friendship. Back in their Disney days, the two were inseparable. And after many years of on and off communication and some feuding, we’re happy to see that Selena took to her Instagram this week and shared a pic of the two hugging backstage at The X Factor. The caption: “It's just the evidence of forever. No matter what.” Demi later replied on Twitter with the equally-adorable message, “Love you SO much.. #14yrsStrong." We love that these two were able to work things out and be best buds again. 

Divergent’s bracing for major impact

Divergent is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and this week we finally got full trailer to watch! We got a chance to visit the cast on the Chicago set while they were filming last spring and we have been dying to see some of the footage ever since. Basted off the best-selling book trilogy by Veronica Roth, this dystopian flick hits theaters March 21, 2014. Will you be seeing it? The movie, if you don’t know, is based off the best-selling book trilogy by Veronica Roth and the trailer is so good, we’re not too sad about having to wait for its release on March 21, 2014.

Check out the action below…

Bieber’s causing trouble in Argentina

Justin Bieber took to Twitter this week to apologize to his Argentine fans. Ya see, something was thrown on stage during his recent show there, which prompted the Biebs to pick it up…and ripped it up. Fans were outraged because they thought it was the country’s flag he was destroying. According to Justin, he thought it was a shirt and tweeted to his 47 million followers, “I’m being told by my team it was a shirt but even if it was a flag I would never do anything to disrespect Argentina or the people of Argentina or the fans. I’m so sorry for anyone who took my actions the wrong way and I hope you can forgive this mistake.” Let’s hope Justin will be forgiven!

Taylor and Lorde break bread

Well now that Selena’s back hanging with Demi, maybe Taylor’s looking for a new Hollywood BFF. Taylor Swift and Lorde were spotted doing lunch together in NYC this week, which is kind of funny considering Lorde kinda, sorta dissed Swifty in an interview a few weeks back. She did retract her comment and good thing—the two appeared to have a great time. Either that, or the Shake Shack fries were just that good.

Wait, the JoBros are back?

OK, not quite. We are still trying to get over our heartbreak from the JoBros’ sudden split, but now it looks like the heartbreak might not be permanent. Joe and Nick Jonas were spotted in Mexico City this week to perform at the Telehit Awards Concert. The band had apparently already committed to play before breaking up, so they went ahead—without Kevin. Do you think we’ll see more of these two performing in the future? We sure hope so!

Which celeb moment made you go “OMG” this week? Share in the comments below.

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016