Olivia Holt compares her TV alter-egos

Olivia Holt is going from one hit TV show to the next. After wrapping up three seasons on Disney XD’s Kickin’ It as the martial arts-savvy Kim, she’s turning her black belt in for schoolbooks as the smartypants Lindy in Disney Channel’s new show I Didn’t Do It (catch the premiere Jan. 17). 

We sat down with Olivia and got the deets on these two amazing TV characters. Which does she prefer? Well she loves ’em both—mainly because, as you see below, they’re equally as awesome, yet very different.


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Which of Olivia’s TV personas do you like more: Kim or Lindy? Share in the comments below.


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    Fashion Sense

    Both roles have really made Olivia step out of her real-life style for a bit.

    Kim: Her closet is more relaxed with nothing too fancy. She always needs to be ready in case she needs to show of her karate moves, after all.


    Lindy: She’s the epitome of sporty chic with basketball jerseys, sneaker wedges and some glitter thrown into the mix. 

    Olivia says… “My real-life style is a little bit different [than both of them]. I’m more bohemian and just throw things on. I go for chill, relaxed outfits.”

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    “Kim is very sarcastic and tough. She’s very go for it 24/7 and I think Lindy is a little bit more innocent than that,” Olivia tells us of the two. “Lindy has a twin brother so you get to see the relationship she has with a brother compared to Kim who [doesn’t have siblings] but is hanging around boys all the time. You get to see how the innocent plays out versus the tough attitude.”

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    Speaking of boys…

    It seems like Olivia has gotten the best of both worlds. She landed her big break as the only girl in a crew of dudes and is now learning to balance it all with a more gender-even cast.

    Kim: At her martial arts studio, Kim is surrounded by dudes, which could be good or bad. Given a history with Leo, Kim is the go-to person when these boys need tips on how girls work.


    Lindy: As Liv mentioned, Lindy has a twin brother, so the way Lindy is around boys is much more familial compared to Kim.

    Olivia says…Working with so many different guys has really given her an insight into the male mind. “I remember the first time they asked me if I wanted to play Call of Duty and I was like, ‘What’s that?’” she reminisces of her Kickin’ It days. “As soon as I’d get off set, I’d hang with my girls and would be talking just like them, saying boy stuff like, ‘Can we just go shoot hoops?’ Now I have two other girls on set so it’s funny because I’m getting back into the mix of shooting hoops with the boys or watching a romantic comedy with the girls during lunch.”

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016