8 up-and-coming celebs you need to be following on Twitter

Your timeline is full of tweets from your fave celebs like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and R5 where you can get all the info every fan wants. Yes, we love getting updates from these major stars, but have you ever thought about all the other celebs that are out there waiting for you to follow them? Here are 8 up-and-coming celebs that will make your timeline so much better if you simply start following them right now.


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  • lauramarano.png

    Laura Marano / @lauramarano

    How you know her: Austin & Ally

    Why we love her tweets: We get an inside scoop on all things Austin & Ally, which means super cute pics of the cast! It’s obvious from her tweets that this cast is tight in real life.

    What she’s doing next: It’s no secret that this girl can sing, and from her tweets it looks like she’s been hitting the recording studio! We are super excited to see what’s in her future.

  • max.png

    Max Schneider / @maxgschneider

    How you know him: How To Rock

    Why we love his tweets: They’re all about him. From funny captions of pics to talking about his singing, everything Max tweets is 100 percent personal.

    What he’s doing next: With his EP out and his covers of songs getting more and more popular, there’s no stopping Max. An example? He recently starred in the NBC drama Crisis for its one season run. This triple threat can do anything so we bet there’s more in store.

  • ashley.png

    Ashley Argota / @ashleyargota9

    How you know her: True Jackson, VP

    Why we love her tweets: Ashley is one of the most positive people we follow on Twitter. She never lets any haters bring her down and she is always posting about her love for singing. Plus, we love that she still hangs out with fellow True Jackson, VP star Matt Shively.

    What she’s doing next: Ashley is currently on the hit show The Fosters and will be seen in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie How to Build a Better Boy, which premieres August 15 on Disney Channel. The future is looking bright for Ash!

  • cameronboyce.png

    Cameron Boyce / @TheCameronBoyce

    How you know him: Jessie

    Why we love his tweets: He is still a goofy teen boy who just loves life. From pics of his family to talking about his upcoming projects, Cameron is passionate about everything he does.

    What he’s doing next: Jessie was picked up for another season, which we know will be full of hilarious jokes and crazy situations. He’s also set to star in Disney Channel’s new Original Movie The Descendents, which is all about the family of the Disney princesses we already know and love.

  • sabrina.png

    Sabrina Carpenter / @SabrinaAnnLynn

    How you know her: Girl Meets World

    Why we love her tweets: It’s evident that Sabrina is so thankful for all of her fans and for the show. She loves to tweet back to her followers and shows that she’s still a regular teen.

    What she’s doing next: Not only does she sing the Girl Meets World intro, but Sabrina also has an EP out! There is no stopping this girl and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeves.

  • jakeshort.png

    Jake Short / @TheJakeShort

    How you know him: A.N.T. Farm

    Why we love his tweets: He loves sports and it’s totally obvious by his tweets. Whether he’s watching the game live or discussing his favorite teams, Jake is a sports fanatic. It’s fun to see a different side of him other than the characters he plays.

    What he’s doing next: Jake currently stars in Disney XD’s Mighty Med, where him and his friends must work together to keep the superhero hospital safe. We love to see so many different sides to Jake’s talent and are super excited about his future.

  • piper.png

    Piper Curda / @pipercurda

    How you know her: I Didn’t Do It

    Why we love her tweets: You can’t scroll down her feed without laughing. Piper likes to make fun of herself and knows how to make a joke with the best of them. Her tweets are an open book to her life, and we love that she’s just a normal girl with an awesome job.

    What she’s doing next: I Didn’t Do It got picked up for a second season and we are super excited to see what hilarious things Piper is going to be doing as her character Jasmine this time around.

  • nick.png

    Nick Merico / @NickMerico

    How you know him: Every Witch Way

    Why we love his tweets: Nick is all about enjoying the simple things in life. Whether it’s a nice restaurant or being able to watch The World Cup, he always seems to be in a good mood. We also love the behind-the-scenes info he gives us while live tweeting during the show.

    What he’s doing next: Every Witch Way’s season 2 aired this summer and we are hoping for a season 3! We love guessing what else could possibly go wrong at Iridium High and seeing how this cutie reacts to everyone else having powers.


by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016