We hung out with Demi Lovato at her concert and here's what happened!

Demi Lovato kicked off her first ever world tour in Baltimore this weekend and we were there to witness it all live thanks to our friends at Tampax! With MKTO and Christina Perri opening up the show, we knew that this concert would be in the running for the best tour of the year. Get the inside scoop on everything from meeting Demi to why the whole arena was in tears below.


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  • demi_meet_and_greet-1.jpg

    We kicked the night off by getting to meet Demi before the show started—and we’ll be the first to admit that we had a little fangirl freak-out right before. Thankfully, we were able to get it together in time to snag this once in a lifetime pic! Isn’t she just as beautiful in person as she is on screen?!

  • red_carpet_dress.jpg

    After meeting Demi (and pinching ourselves to make sure it was real), we headed on up the “Wear What You Want Closet” by Tampax where the clothes were inspired by Demi’s past red carpet looks—including the real dress she wore to the 2014 VMAs! Needless to say, we were in complete fashion heaven.

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    We were in complete awe of Demi’s iconic red carpet dress, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t fall in love with the other outfits as well. Our fave outfit was inspired by Demi’s X Factor appearances. What’s not to heart about this leather vest paired with a printed dress?!

  • mkto.jpg

    MKTO started the concert off with their energy and fun stage presence. Not only are these two boys extremely talented, they’re also super cute! We danced along to their hits including “Forever Until Tomorrow” and the song that started it all: “Classic.” We know that MKTO has super bright future ahead of them and their performance on this tour proved that even more.

  • spencerwest.png
    We were all expecting Christina Perri to come out to perform next. Instead, we saw a clip on the big screen of the inspiring life of Spencer West. Spencer had everything from his pelvis down amputated when he was just 5 due to a muscle disorder. The doctors told him that he would never live a normal life, so he decided to prove them wrong. From becoming a cheerleader in high school to building homes in Africa, Spencer has had a far from ordinary life—he’s had an extraordinary one! We learned that Spencer hosted Demi’s trip to Africa for her 21st birthday, so she brought him on tour with her to share how everyone can be a warrior, too. By the time this inspiring guy left the stage, there wasn’t a dry eye in sight.
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    Before we knew it, Christina Perri walked out on stage carrying a coffee mug and wearing possibly the most sparkly tights we have ever seen. Christina’s portion of the show highlighted her skill as both a performer and a songwriter. From her tunes about major breakups to the “happiest song she has ever written,” Christina wowed us with every note.

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    Demi arose from the center of the stage to thousands of screams. From the moment she sang the first note of “Really Don’t Care” to the final bow after “Neon Lights,” it was evident that Demi gave 100 percent into the performance. One of our fave moments of the night was when Demi got personal right before she sang “Warrior.” “Before this song, I usually talk about my past,” Demi said to the crowd. “ It’s no longer about my past, it’s about my future. I dedicate this song to Spencer.” After the song ended, Demi stood up and victoriously raised her arms into a ‘V’, conquering her past and being the true warrior she is.

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    The concert unfortunately ended way too quickly, but we left feeling empowered and inspired—and we weren’t the only ones. Alyssa Z., 18, says that she looks up to Demi so much because, “She talks about ‘taboo’ topics like self-harm, recovery and self-acceptance.” Madi G. 18, adds that, “Demi is super fierce and really doesn’t care what other people think. She’s 100 percent genuine.” It seems like Demi is making a real impact in the lives of young girls and we support her all the way.


by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016