Teen Beach 2 stars inspire us to be kind all the time

Listen up, ladies. We are beyond thrilled to announce that Disney Channel is launching a new, very special anti-bullying campaign called “Choose Kindness” just in time for October’s anti-bullying month. “Choose Kindness” is a month-long, multi-platform initiative to inspire kids and teens to be courteous and respectful to others and kick bullying to the curb.

As part of the campaign, Disney Channel has decided to premiere special episodes of Austin and Ally and Girl Meets World, each designed to reach viewers with empowering, relevant stories and to augment the Channel's themes of communication, diversity and optimism.

They’ll also be releasing videos, where more than 20 Disney Channel, Disney XD and Radio Disney stars provide their personal point of view on embracing—and demonstrating—kindness each and every day. Can you say amazing?! The interstitial messages premiere this Sunday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel and will rotate during October's National Bullying Prevention Month.

Our friends at Disney Channel gave GL an exclusive look at one of these inspiring videos. And guess what? It features our favorite stars from the upcoming DCOM Teen Beach 2.

Check out what Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and more had to say about kindness below…

To help spread kindness, make sure to tune into Disney Channel during the month of October, then come back and share how you’re choosing kindness in your own life. For more info on being the best you can be, visit


by Melanie White | 2/1/2016