Zendaya debuts the first shoe from her new designer line

We were so excited to see Zendaya debut her new line of fashionable shoes tonight at the Met Gala that we just couldn't wait any longer—and neither could Zendaya. Instead of waiting to show off her designer kicks at the party known for its fashion, she shared a pic of her very first pair on Insta.

"I was supposed to wait til today but I got a little carried away," the star captioned her pic. The shoes are strappy and black and, oh yeah, totally gorgeous. Zendaya's always been known for her amazing sense of fashion and ability to work just about any outfit she puts on, but now that she's got the ability and talent to make her own gear, she's changing the game.

Though Z was supposed to wear these new heels tonight to the Gala, we're hoping that she'll rock a second pair, giving us another glimpse at what the rest of the line is like. Either way, we know she's going to look incredible (as always).

Do you like Zendaya's new line of shoes so far? Would you wear these heels? Discuss below, and tell us what your dream shoes look like.


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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016