Exclusive: We've got more Teen Beach 2 sneak peeks in time for the big day!

With only a few hours left until tonight's Teen Beach 2 premiere (don't forget to watch on Disney Channel at 8 p.m.), we're basically bouncing out of our chairs in excitement.

We gave you a ton of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks in our June/July issue featuring cover girl and TB2 star Grace Phipps, but now we've got even more exclusive content for you from the interviews we conducted on set. Check out what each star had to say about the highly-anticipated sequel and sure to be hottest movie of the summer.


On top of that, we've also got a glimpse from Monday's Teen Beach 2 film premiere, including the performance from star Ross Lynch's band R5. Ready?

Are you counting down the minutes until tonight's television premiere? We can't wait to watch!


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    Grace Phipps

    "I think with these two movies, more than a lot of things that I get sent as an actress, there's more of a sense of female empowerment than really anything else. It’s so fantastic."

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    Ross Lynch

    "The movie is only supposed to take place three months after the first, even though in real life it's been two years. It's a little hard because we all look and act different. We've all really grown into ourselves. I went from sixteen to eighteen, and those are two years are huge in anyone's life. But it's awesome to be back with everyone.”

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    Maia Mitchell

    "The dancing has been really intense and very technical and fast. Even the professional dancers were saying it was testing for them too, so yeah, dancing in heels has been hard. I kind of can’t even walk in heels properly."

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    Garrett Clayton

    "Layla goes through this journey of self discovery and strength. And when she leaps into the ocean, Tanner is so in love with her that he would follow her to the end of the earth. If she wanted to jump into a volcano, he would jump in the volcano with her, you know?"

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    Piper Curda

    "I'm only in two dance numbers in the film, but one was on the beach and we’re doing all this crazy tap dancing and we’re throwing popcorn everywhere. Dance numbers are hard enough as it is, but doing them on the beach, on the sand, in the humidity—everyone’s a mess and we’re all sweating but it was so much fun."

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    Ross Butler

    "It was intense and really confusing having two Rosses on set. It got to a point where me and Ross (Lynch) pretty much came up with new nicknames for each other every single day, but no one else really caught on to that, so I was like calling him Rosalinda and he’s calling me Sparky and it changed every single day to avoid confusion, but I think it actually created more. They called us both Ross, but it got really confusing. During the dance numbers they’ll be like, 'Ross, move two feet over,' and we’ll both move."

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    Raymond Alexander Cham, Jr.

    “My favorite scene is when we are at the dance, Brady and I, and Brady is just staring at Mack and is just trying to build up some courage. I come up to him to just comfort him and give him confidence. And that’s what I’m about. I love to help my friends out whenever they need it just like brotherhood, so yes, my character Devin and I are very similar.”

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    Jordan Fisher

    "The first movie was fun and I had a blast, but the second one... You think to yourself, how do I top that? How do I go back to something as magical as the first movie and do better? But this one is sixteen levels higher than the first." 

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    Mollee Gray

    "It’s almost like performing is in our nature. All of the characters in Wet Side Story know nothing but to sing and dance, so when we step into the real world, that just kind of takes precedence."

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016