Shake Tank winner Zandra C. spills on her journey to meet the stars of Game Shakers


Remember Shake Tank winner Zandra C., founder of awesome beauty company Zandra? She recently flew to L.A. to meet the stars of Game Shakers…and had the time of her life! 

Check out her tale of the trip below.

"My experience in LA was amazing! When I first arrived at the airport with my family,  we were greeted by our driver. He even had a sign with our names on it!

The next morning, we called a taxi to take us to Universal Studios. When the driver arrived, we told him where we wanted to go and he laughed—turns out Universal is only 200 feet away from our hotel…

We had a pretty cool moment at lunch. As we were eating, we noticed Mario Lopez sitting directly across from us! We ended up seeing him later at the filming of live TV show Extra

The next day was finally Nickelodeon day! We were all *so* excited—we even had our own VIP passes! Our tour guide took us to where all the magic happens behind the scenes, where we saw the stars getting ready to perform.

Next, we got to watch Game Shakers live! The show was so funny and amazing.  The best part? The kids on the show were just kids like me—they goofed around in between sets and got to work when it was time. 

We got to talk to them and take *tons* of pictures, and then headed out. I am truly grateful for this experience and would love to go back to LA!"

What's the coolest trip you've ever taken? Have you ever met a celebrity? Let us know below!

by GL | 2/1/2016