Valentine's Date Cutie Countdown: Dyllan Murray


It's nearly Valentine's Day and we've got a whole week of crush-worthy content, including this Valentine's Date cutie countdown. We reached out to six boys we're crushing out to fill out our so-sweet survey about all of their holiday faves. Check it out.

Cutie: Dyllan Murray
Why we're crushing: This talented 17-year-old singer isn't afraid to show his sensitive side with songs like "Closer To My Heart."

What's your favorite love song?
"Love Is An Open Door" from Frozen

What's your favorite romantic movie?
500 Days of Summer

What's your ideal Valentine's Day date?
My ideal Valentine's date would be to go to dinner and then to a movie and then late night dessert.

What's the cutest way you've ever asked someone out?
I wrote a song for her and had all my friends put it on Facebook. She was embarrassed, but it worked. It was cute to everyone else!

What's the cutest way you've ever been asked out?
I don't think there is a cute way I've ever been asked out. I'm usually the one who initiates the asking out!

What's your favorite Valentine's Day treat?
Probably those little heart candies in the box with the writing on them. I know those are so typical, but they are so good.

What's the best Valentine you've ever gotten?
I haven't gotten a lot of Valentines. Back in elementary school, I was the one who got the basic ones from everyone. All the girls would write ones to their friends and I was never one of them, so I always got the ones obviously written from their moms.

What was the best Valentine you ever gave?
Probably nothing. I used to be so lazy with that and just had my dad write them—but I'm gonna try and start making them now!

Chocolates or conversation hearts?
Definitely conversation hearts.

Flowers or a teddy bear?
For sure a teddy bear.

Asking someone out or being asked out?
Asking someone out!

Movie date or ice skating?
That's a tough one. I'm gonna go with first ice skating and then a movie!


by Chelsea Duff | 2/11/2016