Zendaya's got a seriously *super* new role


Just when you think Zendaya can't get more awesome, she goes and stars in the new Spider-Man movie.

Z's been the queen of slay lately with her fashion, music, television show and serious social commentary, but now she's adding her very first major movie to her resumé. That's right, Zendaya just joined the cast of the new Spider-Man reboot from Marvel and Sony and we can't wait to see her rule the big screen.

Her role—and the film in general—are pretty secretive so far, but Deadline reports that her character will be named Michelle alongside star Tom Holland.

So who is Michelle? A new romantic interest isn't out of the question, but between Gwen Stacy and Mary-Jane Watson we think Spidey's got that covered. We're hoping instead that Michelle will be one of Peter Parker's friends—or maybe someone who lends him a helping hand in a time of need. How kick butt would it be to see Z throw down with some supervillains?

What role do you want to see Z play in the superhero flick? Catch it in theaters July 2017, but until then let's speculate in the comments about what kind of character she'll play.

Photo credit: Zendaya


by Montez Jennings | 3/10/2016