Zayn speaks out on his history of anxiety attacks


Although it may seem that celebrities have it all, they experience the same trials and tribulations of life as we do. Unfortunately for them, whenever life goes awry, the media soon knows every detail and displays it for all the world to see.

This weekend, the Capital Summertime Ball, held in London at Wembley Stadium each June, went live with performances from Ariana Grande, Little Mix, The Vamps and tons more. Many fans were excited for a long awaited performance from Zayn Malik, however he cancelled last minute. As fans were upset with the news, Zayn released a statement explaining his reasoning for the cancellation. During his last days with, and since splitting from One Direction, Zayn has stated that he has dealt with crippling anxiety.

In his statement posted on June 11, Zayn shared that his upcoming performance haunted him with “the worst anxiety of [his] career.” He went on to say that he hopes to make it up to his fans and he realizes this is a major disappointment for them. 


Luckily, the majority of his fans reacted to his message with utmost care and compassion. So did his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, in a move that quashed all the breakup rumors we've been hearing.


In a message directed at Zayn, Gigi offered her care and support, writing, "Z - I’ve seen the battles you go through and the way you fight to get to a place that allows you to get up there for your fans." She goes on to commend Zayn for being open and honest about his anxiety and ends it by offering her support and love. The message is truly sweet and shows that their bond is strong and full of understanding. Gigi was also recently spotted arriving in London to be with Zayn and help him during this difficult time. 


The message of this situation is strictly human. Zayn’s honesty with his fans, their outpouring of support for him and Gigi’s message of love and support all represent that compassion and love are the true pillars of understanding one another in times like these. It’s quite a touching and real situation that aides in showing how similar all of us are, no matter our place in society or, on a larger scale, in the world.  

Have you ever struggled with anxiety? What do you think of Zayn's message?

Photo credit: Zayn Malik


by Hayley Burns | 6/14/2016