Learn from the best: Chloe Lukasiak rocks her fave moves


Former Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak doesn’t let anything hold her back. Having grown up in the spotlight, other people’s opinions don’t stop her from having fun and being herself. This self-proclaimed klutz knows how important it is to dance like absolutely no one is watching despite any obstacles she might face, and now she gets to teach other girls the same thing. By partnering with Playtex Sport for their Ready, Set, Play On! campaign, Chloe gets to show girls that nothing—not even their period—should stop them from doing what they love.

“Encouraging girls to be active but still being able to be comfortable and confident is really important to me,” Chloe said. “I really just wanted to push that and encourage girls that you can be active and continue to do what you love and not let your period—or anything else—get in your way.”

For Chloe, dancing on her own is a lot different from dancing with choreography or dancing as Gwen in the upcoming film Center Stage: On Pointe (catch it on Lifetime this Saturday, June 25 at 8:00 p.m.!). Despite the incredible dancing career she’s had, Chloe knows how important it is to just dance for fun and make the moves up and she goes. If a talented dancer like Chloe can go nuts and rock it without holding back or worrying what other people think, you can too.

Chloe showed us some of her own killer moves to Walk The Moon’s hit Shut Up and Dance.


"It's all about being in the moment and listening to music and just going for it."


"I think the fun thing about blasting music is that there are no rules. You get to be yourself and just dance like there’s nothing to it."


"I don’t want girls to sit out of a game or not let themselves do something just because they have this natural thing that happens to everyone."


"If I don't have choreography or a reason to move my body in a specific way—like a turn or a kick—then my feet just decide to do their own thing and trip over each other."


"I'll admit I get nervous at times, but I think after a while you just remember your love for what you do."


"I’m not really a super somber person. I laugh at myself and I try not to take things really seriously."


"I don’t worry about what other people think. Instead I focus on being happy."


Are you ready to play on? Enter Playtex Sport's Ready, Set, Play On! sweepstakes here for your chance to nab some seriously sweet prizes. And don't forget to catch Chloe in Lifetime's Center Stage: On Pointe this Saturday, June 25th at 8:00 p.m. Watch the trailer here.

What are your best crazy dance moves? When did you learn to stop letting your period—or anything—hold you back?

Photo credit: Chloe Lukasiak

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by Alexis Ancel | 6/22/2016