Fashion Bash Performers: Meet The Catching!


After premiering The Catching's newest song earlier this month, we can't get enough of these boys. In fact, we even invited them to join us for GL's Annual Back-to-School Fashion Bash 2016!

Sharing the limelight with Olivia Holt, Sammi Sanchez and a handful of others, The Catching's Holden Glazer, Jake Farbman, Evan Hemwall and Drew Stevens are ready to own the stage with the rendition of their newest song, "Ready Set Go."

Haven't heard it yet? Listen in.

Five Fun Facts about The Catching

1. Holden loves The 1975's newest album. "Their sound is unmatchable," he shares. "I've been to three of their shows and I've really enjoyed their concerts."

2. If you love to Snap, Jake is your guy. "Snapchat is the first app I check every morning," he admits. "I'm obsessed with continuing my Snapchat streaks and I'm always updating my story."

3. Evan is a Garage Band expert. "I'm really into creating beats on the program. It's not as complicated as the more advanced musical apps, but it's so much fun. I get so excited to play them for the band at practice once I'm finished."

4. You can catch Drew snacking at Krispy Kreme. "I'm obsessed with their donuts. They are one of my top cravings for sure. The band has a video of me literally sprinting to a story in Nashville to get some."

5. The guys are all about power-punk. When it comes to favorite bands, they've got Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Green Day and U2 on repeat.

Join us at Power Plant Live! in Baltimore, MD on Friday, August 12 from 2-5 p.m. for fab music, fun fashion and freebies galore.


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Photo credit: The Catching


by GL | 7/21/2016