Exclusive! DeVore Ledridge shares her sleepover must-haves

Show of hands: How many of you spend hour after hour watching "Best Friend Tag" videos on the interwebs? Everyone? Yeah, that includes us, too. A bestie bond is unlike any other, and it's just so intriguing to hear stories and inside jokes from a set of pals who seriously support each other. Even if you don't know them IRL, it's easy to relate to that bestie love. 

Speaking of besties, a few of our fave friends—Paige, Frankie and Amelia of Bizaardvark—have a li'l BFF fun of their own on tomorrow night's episode, "Best Friend Tag." When Paige and Frankie decide to invite Amelia over for a sleepover, she goes a *bit* over the top trying to make things perfectly perfect. While the trio do their best to get through the night, Bernie and Dirk are busy doing damage control for a dare gone wrong.

Check out the exclusive clip below to see some serious sleepover fun...

If you wish you could roll up and have your own sleepover with the girls, we've got just the thing. The beauty behind Amelia, DeVore Ledridge, spilled all of her sleepover must-haves just for you. Take note of these amazing treats and activities for your next slumber sesh!

1. Food face masks. "My friends and I love to use food ingredients for face masks because not only do they work amazingly well, they are yummy too. One we make is an avocado face mask that exfoliates and softens the skin."

2. DIY slime. "Homemade slime is a tradition with me and my friends. We go to the store and buy the ingredients to make this super cool slippery, slimey goo. All you need is glue, water, food coloring (if you want slime with color) and borax."

3. Sweet treats. "My friends and I ride our bikes to our neighborhood coffee shop or ice cream parlor. That way we work off the calories [laughs]. My favorites this summer have been a Berry Refresher drink and cotton candy ice cream."

4. Midnight swims. "Our pool has lights, so we love to go swimming at night. I live in Kentucky and sometimes frogs jump into the pool, which is fun because then we play frog chase where we swim around the pool trying to catch the frogs."

5. Music videos. "Making music videos with my friends has been a favorite sleepover activity since we were in the fourth grade. As we’ve gotten older we love to look back and watch how little and funny we were! And now we love to upload videos on It's so much fun dressing up and being silly with my best friends at home.

On the quest for the best. sleepover. ever? We've got even more tips and tricks from Bizaardvark stars Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo right here. Check those out, then tune in to "Best Friend Tag," tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EDT.

What do you think of DeVore's slumber party must-haves? Let us know in the comments below! 

Photo credit: Disney Channel.

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by Sydney Adamson and Amy Garcia | 9/10/2016