Why Don't We is about to be your new "Perfect" obsession

GL girls, allow us to introduce you to Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey and Jack Avery (well, reintroduce—we've talked about them before!). Together, these five cuties make up the new California-based boy band Why Don’t We, and they *need* to be on your radar.

The guys are currently wrapping up their Taking You Tour across the U.S. and Canada in support of their new EP, Only the Beginning. There are so many reasons to see them live: a jam-packed setlist of hits and covers, tons of crowd interaction (they take selfies with the crowd on fans’ phones!) and solo performances that will make you fall even more in love with each of the guys.

At the recent Toronto tour stop, which was also the group’s first international show ever, the guys simply *slayed*, and even shared insider secrets about some of their fave WDW songs. Did you know that “Perfect” is about a girl who broke Jonah’s heart (cue the sobs!), and Daniel has the most fun performing “Taking You”? 

We had the chance to chat with the group to get even more exclusive scoop about tour life, how Why Don’t We came to be and how you (yes, you!) helped inspire their debut single.

GL: How’s life on the road going for you guys? What's been the biggest surprise about tour life so far?
Daniel Seavey: Life on the road has been everything we thought it would be and then some. This is only the beginning and we already feel like we are living our dreams. The biggest surprise for me on tour has been the amount of support fans have shown. From gifts to tears, or even just showing up to one of our shows—it's been so surreal for us all.

GL: Who’s the biggest prankster on tour? Any fun prank stories you can share?
DS: The biggest prankster on tour is Zach. He always finds a way to outsmart us and pull something off. For example, for the first week, Jack's shoes kept mysteriously disappearing one by one...

GL: What can fans expect if they’re coming to one of the shows?
DS: You can expect good music and even better memories. We want to take our fans with us on this crazy ride, and you won't get to connect any better with us than when we perform live for you.

GL: How did you guys meet and form the band?
Jonah Marais: Before forming the group, we had met each other at different shows for our solo stuff and saw each other on social media. When the idea was brought up to form the group we were all super on board right away because we already had clicked with each other in different ways!

GL: How did you decide on the name Why Don’t We?
JM: When we were presented with the opportunity to start this group we were just like, "Why don't we?" The name stuck. You can also apply it to tons of different things. Why don't we spread positivity? Why don't we love each other?

GL: What was it like recording your debut EP?
Zach Herron: Recording our first EP was the best and most fun experience ever. Being in the studio and recording music is just a dream come true! Also, huge shoutout to the best and coolest producer ever, Radio!

GL: We’re *obsessed* with your debut single, "Taking You." What inspired that song?
Corbyn Besson: "Taking You" is really about taking our fans on this journey with us. We've only been a band for a short while and the amount of support we've received from everyone is amazing! The song also has a really upbeat, cool vibe that's easy to jam to! 

GL: You released the music video for your new single “Free” on the first day of the tour, which was also your four-month anniversary as a band! What moment are you most proud of?
CB: I wouldn't be able to pick a moment to be most proud of! We've already accomplished so much in four months, it's almost unreal. An EP, a national tour and an incredible fan base—what more could we ask for?

GL: What artists do you guys look up to?
Jack Avery: Some of them are Jon Bellion, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Ed Sheeran and many more! We all have love for these artists because they've achieved so many great things with their music and by collaborating with other artists. We would definitely be lucky to follow in their footsteps. 

GL: Your new EP is called Only the Beginning, so naturally we want to know: What’s next? Is a full-length album in the works?
JA: We're always making music and sharing ideas with each other for future projects, but for now everyone has to wait and see what's coming next!

GL: Why should our GL girls check out Why Don’t We?
JA: Why don't you? ;)

Are you seeing Why Don’t We on the Taking You Tour? Share your excitement with us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Why Don't We

  • why_don't_we_stage_pic_gl2.png

    Why Don't We's fans capturing *every* moment of the band's performance.

    Photo credit: Angela McLean

  • jack_solo_stage_pic_gl2.png

    Yassss, Jack! Sing it out.

    Photo credit: Angela McLean

  • corbyn_solo_stage_pic_gl2.png

    OK, could Corbyn *be* any cuter? (Answer: no.)

    Photo credit: Angela McLean

  • corbyn_besson_selfie_with_fans_gl2.png

    Oh, wait. We take that back—*this* is even cuter!

    Photo credit: Angela McLean

  • daniel_seavey_solo_stage_pic_gl2.png

    TBH, Daniel's smile could probably shut down city streets.

    Photo credit: Angela McLean

  • jonah_solo_stage_pic_gl2.png

    Jonah is jammin' on the keys.

    Photo credit: Angela McLean

  • zach_solo_stage_pic_gl2.png

    Zach is a singer *and* a guitar player. Swoon!

    Photo credit: Angela McLean


by Angela McLean | 2/16/2017