10 celebs who just can't get enough of their moms!

Love your mom? So do these celebs! Check out these 10 adorable times Hollywood stars gushed about their mamas!

1. "My mom and I have always been really close. She’s always been the friend that was always there. There were times when, in middle school and junior high, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But my mom was always my friend. Always. And you can never forget those people who are always there for you from the beginning. So my relationship with her has gotten even closer." -Taylor Swift

2. "To me, the most important quality for a mom to have and to show is unconditional and irrevocable love. This trait is shown consistently between my TV mom and grandma, as well as my real mother. The best advice my real mom has given me is that your attitude is as important as your ability when trying to conquer a goal. Lauren and Lilan have also been extremely guiding during this whole process. Just being able to work with them, I learned so much. All in all I am more than grateful for my 3 different moms. Especially my real one. She is my rock, my inspiration, my everything. I love her more than I thought was possible." –Peyton Elizabeth Lee

3.  "We have been through so much together and I love you more than words can begin to describe. Everything I am and continue to strive to be is because of you. I love you, Momma!" -Justin Timberlake

4. "Whenever I have a problem or something I feel like I can't figure out, I'm always like, 'What would Mommy do? How would she approach this situation? What would Jada do?' So I just wanted to say I love you, Mom, so much." -Willow Smith

5. "Thank you for being the beautiful light and soul, in not only my life but every single person in your path." -Bella Hadid

6. "My mom is the greatest mom in the whole wide world. She's done everything for me to make my dreams come true." -Josh Hutcherson

7. "No matter who you are, you fall in love with her because she is spiritual, she's inspiring, she's strong, she's funny, she's creative, she's talented...she's everything that I want to be." -Beyoncé Knowles

8. "I thought parents didn't understand anything, and that I could only talk to my friends. But that's changed. Now my mom is the one person I trust." -Victoria Justice

9. "I love her to death. She's the sweetest, happiest woman I've ever met, the most free-spirited, delightful person, and I aspire to be just like her. The older I get, the more I find myself like my mom. She just has the best outlook." -Vanessa Hudgens

10. "She is my salvation and not just because she is there, but because she is there in a positive way. I know that in addition to all the extra love and attention, she is instilling the discipline and the rules. She cheats a little bit as grandmas do, but the baseline in terms of how we as a family believe in instilling character and our values, I know that that’s the same across the board." -Michelle Obama

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Photo credit: Josh Hutcherson, Victoria Justice, Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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by Allie Burrows | 5/6/2018