*You* get to take the reins of Chloe Lukasiak's life in her new show!

Have you heard about GL's cover girl's new show!?

Yes, major #goals girl Chloe Lukasiak *is* making an epic return to Lifetime's Dance Moms, but she's also getting a series of her very own called Chloe Does It! You can watch the show when it premieres *tomorrow* on Lifetime's YouTube channel.

What can you expect from it? An epic collab with her loyal followers. She asked several of her fans via social media what crazy adventures and activities they'd like to see her do on the short-form series—and she delivered! She's taking on their tasks, and you'll get to see her own a movie audition, take a tour of NYC, have a sleepover with one of her best friends (heyyyy, Kendall!) and give a behind the scenes tour of the Pittsburgh Zoo. Chloe will also answer questions that fans leave in the comments on YouTube after each episode goes live via response videos.

The series will air two episodes per week on YouTube leading up to its run on Lifetime on Aug. 8. While you wait, check out the trailer below!

What would you like to see Chloe do in her new series? Sound off below!

Photo credit: Elton Anderson

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by Kara Brown | 7/23/2017