You *need* this homecoming advice inspired by Selena, Taylor and Demi

Homecoming and dances are right around the corner! We know you are excited about choosing the perfect dress, finding a date and dancing all night long. We also know about all the drama and awkward moments that can take place on the night of your dance. So many of your favorite celebs were in the same position as you with not-so-glamorous moments, but still made the best out of it. We decided to round up some pictures of our favorite celebs during their dances with some awesome advice to take on your special night. 

  • taylor_swift_prom.jpg

    Taylor Swift was totally "ready for" her dance in this throwback pic. She went with friends and had a blast, dancing the night away with her date. Make sure you take a page from Taylor's book and just have fun at your dance. Don't sweat any of the small things.

  • selena-gomez-prom-16_copy.jpg

    Before Selena Gomez couldn't "keep her hands to herself," she couldn't keep her feet off the dance floor. It's pretty obvious that Selena isn't afraid to bust a move, so you should take a page from her book and let loose. Don't be afraid to bust a move and dance like no one is watching. You'll definitely have a lot more fun dancing than sitting on the sidelines!

  • demi_lovato_prom.jpg

    Demi Lovato was "Sorry Not Sorry" to shoot the camera a huge smile with her date to prom. Dances can be stressful with getting ready, dress mishaps and innevitable drama. Don't let all of that distract you from having a fun day, like Demi and her date. Take a deep breath and keep the bigger picture in mind: making amazing memories with the people you love.

  • amandla_stenberg_prom.jpg

    Before she was risking it all in Everything, Everything, Amandla Stenberg was rocking this look at her prom with Jaden Smith. They both let their personalities shine through their clothes, with Jaden's dress and Amandla's silver braids. Have fun with your prom look and let it be a reflection of who you are.

  • ariel_winter_prom.jpg

    Modern Family's Ariel Winter absolutely slayed the game. She was confident in what she was wearing, which is what totally shinned through her dress. With whatever dress, two piece or suit you wear to prom, make sure it's something comfortable that you feel confident in. You'll totally make a jaw-dropping entrance with your confidence shinning through!

  • olivia_holt_prom.jpg

    Kickin' It's, Olivia Holt, was all smiles with her friend in this picture. Before heading to the school for your dance, grab your friend for a totally necessary photoshoot. (Filled with fun and goofy pics, of course!)

  • madison_pettis.jpg

    Even when she's busy being Zuri on The Lion Guard, Madison Pettis, always ensures she pencils in some time for things like the prom. Which she totally slayed. Even if you don't have a date, go to one of your dances to just hang out with your friends. It'll turn out to be an awesome night, trust.

  • kelli_berglund_prom.jpg

    Our favorite Lab Rat, Kelli Berglund, made sure to get as many pictures with her besties as she could get. Our tip: take some pics on an actual camera rather than just selfies with Instagram filters. You defintely need to capture all the exciting moments of the night with your BFF's, and when you're older, you'll be thankful you have photos that show the real you.

  • normani_kordei.jpg

    The dancing and singing queen, Normani Kordei, took her boo, Thomas “Masi” Hansen, to the prom and *totally* looked like "BO$$'s." Make sure your S/O is ready ready to take a hundred goal-worthy pictures like this!

  • piper_curda_prom.jpg

    We can't stop staring at I Didn't Do It star, Piper Curda's, huge smile in this picture. Even though she looks absolutely gorgeous in her black dress, we can't get over how happy she is. During your next school dance, make sure you're surrounded by all of your favorite people that are sure to keep you laughing like Piper!


by Katlyn Pierre | 9/30/2017